• 30 Years Dedication to Composite Pipe

    Create National Brand, Manufacture World Class Product
  • Create national brand, manufactur World Class Product

Spoolable Reinforced Thermoplastic Line Pipe (RTP)

H.A.T-Flex Spoolable RTP Line pipe consists of an inner thermoplastic pressure barrier that is reinoforced by high-strength glass fiber,aramid fibers,steel cord embedded in an expoxy matrix.

Offshore flexible pipeline

H.A.T-Flex Flexible Composite Pipe is a corrosion free pipe system which can be used in a wide range of application for offshore oil,gas fields development and production. It is a technically innovative, multi-layer structure of helically wound metallic wire and tapes and extruded polymer.

Twelfth Five-year 863 science and technology project

Since 2011, Heng An Tai undertakes nation” are undertaking Twelfth Five-year 863 science and technology project” research and development of Offshore Flexible Composite line pipe and Dynamic Riser.
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